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About Us
W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services.
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Trucking & Logistics Services
Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed pipe transportation solutions

Rail Transportation
Integrated & exclusive rail oilfield pipe solutions
Import/Export Services
Pick-up, storage, loading, dock to port and more
About Us

W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services. Learn more

Storage & On-Site Oilfield Services


Two locations for all your pipe needs Big Bend Yard Pecos Yard

Dewey Pipe Services

On-site & third-party pipe services

Third-Party Pipe Services

Space for independent contractors


About Us

W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services. Learn more

Flatbed Trucking & Logistics For The Oilfield Pipe Industry

Since 1895 we have provided Flatbed, Rail, Pipe Logistics, and Import/Export transportation services to the Oilfield Industry in TX, LA, MS, OK, AR and NM.

Flatbed Pipe Trucking

Private Rail Spur

Dedicated Pipe Logistics

Import/Export Services

We specialize in all your pipe transportation and storage needs. Call or email us today to handle your pipe hauling and storage requests. Some of our in-house solutions include:

  • RCompany Fleet of over 40 tractors, 110 flatbeds, Owner-Operators and Third-Party Logistics
  • RPrivate rail spur serviced by BNSF and Union Pacific for Shipping and Receiving
  • RHouston port pickups
  • R2 storage facilities in the Houston, TX area
  • RPipe Cutting Services up to 22” OD
  • RPipe Inventory Management

Flatbed Pipe Transportation

We service local and national firms that use and manufacture pipe in various markets, including energy exploration and production, oilfield pipe manufacturing, oilfield service and oil country tubular goods manufacturing. Our Value Added Trucking services handles your material from pick-up to delivery.

Value Added Flatbed Trucking Services

As a full-service provider of oilfield transportation services, our value-added services, are designed to ensure constant communication and project execution for the reliable trucking of goods throughout the entire transportation process.

In order to provide a superior transportation experience, we provide:

  • Experienced truck supervisors to accompany projects of 5 or more trucks to oilfield locations and 8 or more trucks to shore bases or upon request
  • Trucks are equipped with PeopleNet for communication and GPS tracking
  •  24/7 dispatch capabilities
  • Extra trailers can be spotted for “convenience” loading /unloading to reduce driver waiting times at our yards and used to pre-load at other yards to reduce detention and callout charges
Rail Pipe Transportation

Convenient rail access for loading & unloading material. Our Big Bend Yard features a private rail spur that holds up to 16 railcars & is served by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp (BNSF) & Union Pacific (UP) railways. Eliminate costly fees & wait times associated with public rail access!

Loading, Unloading & Outbound Rail Management

As part of our Rail Management Services, we provide Total Project Control from start to finish. When you partner with W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc on your pipe transportation projects, you benefit from a vast network of managed solutions.

These benefits include:

  • Pickup of your pipe and product(s)
  • Transfers to a railcar
  • Storage (if needed)
  • Unloading of your inbound product(s)
  • Delivery of your inbound products(s)
  • Exclusive, private railcar access
  • Inventory Management


Dedicated Pipe Logistics

Our two pipe storage yards Big Bend and Pecos provide pipe transportation, storage, handling, management, and reporting services. This allows us to have total control throughout the entire project, from the pick-up and transportation of material to the endpoint delivery, you can rest easy.

Your single-source solution for all your pipe logistics needs

We are focused on providing you with a total solution and simplifying your logistics needs. Every aspect is handled, reported, tracked & managed for your peace of mind. From transportation to account management, you’re covered.

Our logistics services include:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Dedicated account management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Logistics problem solving
  • Third-party carrier brokerage
  • And much more


Import & Export Services

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for the import and export needs of the oil & gas industry. When you partner with W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc you can leave multiple sources behind and enjoy hassle-free shipments. Explore all our Import and Export Services to see how we can help streamline the process.

Simplify your dock, port, and storage operations

  • Direct Discharge 
    Pipe import services, which include pickup from Houston area docks and transportation to pipe processing yards or to the storage yards at W.M. Dewey, where the pipe can be stored or unbundled/sorted for later delivery.
  • Yard and Rig Pick Up
    Our trained drivers will pick up pipe and transport it to storage facilities, where it will be prepared for export.
  • Pipe Bundling and Bolstering
    Dedicated & experienced staff will provide finishing services designed to prep your material for export, including bundling or bolstering of pipe.
  • Pipe Loading to Containers
    Once properly secured, our staff can load your pipe onto a flatbed trailer, railcar, or container, where it will be secured for export.
  • Haul to Dock
    Our two pipe storage yards are conveniently located less than 15 miles from the Port of Houston, making the location ideal for both sea freight and truck export.