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Comprehensive Flatbed Trucking for Oilfield Pipe and More

W.M. Dewey is a full-service oilfield pipe trucking company providing comprehensive pipe hauling services throughout Houston and the continental United States. We service local and national firms that use and manufacture pipe in various markets, including energy exploration and production, oilfield pipe manufacturing, oilfield service and oil country tubular goods manufacturing. Our reliable transportation services include the complete handling of your material, from pick-up to delivery.

With an entirely company-owned fleet of flatbed trailers and trucks, and the highest US DOT safety rating, W.M. Dewey is fully equipped to meet all of your oilfield pipe transportation needs. As Texas’ oldest oilfield hauling company, W.M. Dewey focuses uniquely on the oilfield pipe industry, routinely hauling oil country tubular goods including custom pipe, casings, and tubing. Additionally, our fleet is outfitted to haul palletized and strapped or stacked goods.

Value Added Trucking Services

As a full-service provider of oilfield transportation services, W.M. Dewey offers comprehensive value-added services, designed to ensure constant communication and project execution for the reliable trucking of goods throughout the entire transportation process.
In order to ensure a superior transportation experience, W.M. Dewey & Son provides:

  • An experienced W.M. Dewey truck supervisor to accompany truck orders of 5 or more trucks to oilfield locations and 8 or more trucks to shore bases
  • Trucks are equipped with PeopleNet Systems for constant communication and GPS tracking
  •  24/7 dispatch capabilities
  • Extra trailers can be spotted for “convenience” loading /unloading to reduce driver waiting times at our yards and used to pre-load at other yards to reduce detention and callout charges.

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U.S. DOT #115152

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