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Dewey Pipe Services

Provided by W.M. Dewey

W.M. Dewey understands the need within the oil and gas industry for a single source solution for reliable, integrated oilfield pipe services.

Through our two pipe storage yards, the Big Bend Yard and Pecos Yard, we offer comprehensive on-site pipe services, as well as services by third party providers, coordinated through W.M. Dewey.

On-site services offered by W.M. Dewey include:

  • Pipe cutting and beveling
  • Pipe bundling and bolstering
  • Pipe storage
  • Pipe straightening
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Stenciling to customer specs
  • Pipe sort and separate
  • Check and tally services

Pipe Finishing Services
W.M. Dewey offers on-site finishing services, including pipe beveling and cutting. Our Big Bend pipe storage yard features a pipe saw capable of cutting pipe up to and including 16” OD and beveling equipment designed up to and including 24” OD.

Pipe Storage
W.M. Dewey offers comprehensive services for your short-term and long-term needs. Our pipe storage yards offer a cumulative 95 acres for pipe storage, and include covered buildings for inside storage and office space.

Visual Thread Inspection
W.M. Dewey provides visual thread inspection services for both casing and tubing. We visually inspect and evaluate the pipe for thread damage and any other external issues which might compromise the connection, including pits, dents, and cracks.

Custom Stenciling
W.M. Dewey provides custom stenciling services, performed to your exact specifications. Our team will use your custom stencils or our own stenciling equipment to ensure that your pipe has the proper lettering and wording in place as pipe identifiers. W.M. Dewey & Son can provide popular colors of aerosol paint or use those provided.

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