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About Us
W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services.
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Trucking & Logistics Services
Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed pipe transportation solutions

Rail Transportation
Integrated & exclusive rail oilfield pipe solutions
Import/Export Services
Pick-up, storage, loading, dock to port and more
About Us

W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services. Learn more

Storage & On-Site Oilfield Services


Two locations for all your pipe needs Big Bend Yard Pecos Yard

Dewey Pipe Services

On-site & third-party pipe services

Third-Party Pipe Services

Space for independent contractors


About Us

W.M. Dewey is committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield trucking and rail transportation as well as logistics services. Learn more

Comprehensive Oilfield Pipe Services

Texas’ Oldest Oilfield Trucking Company, Hauling since 1895

W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc. is a family-owned, full-service provider of pipe transportation, pipe storage, and pipe logistics for the oilfield industry. Since 1895 we have focused on the oilfield needs of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

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Experience Our Family First Culture

As the oldest oilfield hauling company in Texas, W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc understands what it takes to weather the ups & downs to thrive in a highly competitive industry. We believe our employees have been the driving force behind our ability to lead the pipe-hauling industry for over 125 years.

We are committed to Oilfield Pipe Transportation

Our Value Added Trucking Services ensure a superior transportation experience. We offer 24/7 dispatch, spotted trailers, coordination & more to meet your freight needs.

The Big Bend Storage Yard features a private railcar spur, which holds up to 16 railcars for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp (BNSF) & Union Pacific (UP).

wm dewey truck loading

In-House & Third-Party Pipe Solutions

We understand the need within the oil and gas industry for a single-source solution for reliable, integrated oilfield pipe services.

Through our two pipe storage yards, the Big Bend Yard and Pecos Yard, we offer comprehensive on-site pipe services, as well as services by third-party providers, coordinated through W.M. Dewey.

We are committed to reliable & cost-effective pipe storage

Big Bend Pipe Storage is equipped to provide a full spectrum of services, including pipe storage, import/export services, & transportation services.

Pecos Pipe Storage provides 35 acres of fenced-in pipe storage, along with a covered building for pipe threading or inspection, and a two-story office building for customers, outside contractors, and field representatives.

All of your logistics needs under one roof!

DERT Logistics dba W. M. Dewey Logistics is your one-stop shop for all your freight needs.

Our Logistics Services include but are not limited to:

  • Third-Party Brokerage
  • Import & Export Services
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Problem Solving and Reporting

Scope of our pipe hauling operations

Local Trucking Specialists
Dock To Dock Services
Intrastate Transportation
Interstate Transportation

Over the years we have become the go-to for local trucking in Houston, TX.

We provide transportation to and from Houston area docks.

We run intrastate Texas and Louisiana daily to fulfill the oilfield pipe needs.

Our primary interstate service area is Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. We also have the authority and capability to run all 48 states.

Our Daily Operations and Locations

Today, W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc. provides full spectrum pipe services to both national and international firms that manufacture, distribute, and use drill pipe, casing, and tubing. We haul pipe to specified destinations, including our storage yards, distributors’ yards, wellheads, dockyards, and more. Additionally, we provide services for domestic, export, and import cargoes, own two pipe storage yards, & can coordinate on-site third-party pipe services.

All these services uniquely position W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc. to swiftly and efficiently meet most oilfield pipe needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help meet your company’s specific oilfield pipe hauling and/or pipe service needs.

Main Yard

Big Bend Yard

Pecos Yard

Committed to safety!

We understand the risks that accompany transporting and storing pipe, and have built our company around values and processes designed to minimize these risks. With a company-owned fleet, owner-operators, in-house employees, and one of the highest safety ratings provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), safety has been at the core of everything we do since 1895.