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Pecos Yard

Pecos Pipe Storage Facility

As the oldest oilfield pipe hauling company in Texas, W.M. Dewey & Son has been providing customers with reliable transportation and storage services for more than 100 years.

With our advanced technologies, including our on-site logistics capabilities and GPS tracking, W.M. Dewey & Son is a leading provider of pipe logistics services in Texas and an interstate authority for all 48 states. Located just down the road from our Big Bend Pipe Storage Facility, the Pecos pipe storage facility provides 35 acres of fenced-in pipe storage, along with a covered building available for pipe threading or inspection, and a two-story office building for customers, outside contractors, and field representatives.

As in our Big Bend Pipe Storage Facility, pipe stored in W.M. Dewey’s Pecos Yard can be pre-loaded and held on our extra trailers to avoid detention/call out charges common at pipe processor yards.

Comprehensive Pipe Logistics Services

W.M. Dewey & Son is committed to providing a single-source solution for all of your pipe logistic needs.

Our Pecos pipe storage facility includes:

  • Backup generator guarantees 24/7 communication and security
  • 500+ storage racks
  • Temporary / portable pipe racks
  • Marked and checked racks
  • 6 forklifts
  • Third party coordination
  • Gated and fenced property

On-site services performed by W.M. Dewey at the Pecos Yard include:

  • Pipe cutting and beveling
  • Pipe bundling and bolstering
  • Pipe straightening
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Stenciling to customer specs
  • Check and tally services

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US-dotU.S. DOT #115152

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Pecos Pipe Storage Yard
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