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Import / Export Services

As part of our mission to provide a comprehensive oilfield pipe transportation solution for the oil & gas industry, W.M. Dewey & Son is proud to offer import and export services through our Big Bend and Pecos storage yards, including:

Direct Discharge 
W.M. Dewey offers pipe import services, which includes pickup from Houston area docks and transportation to pipe processing yards or to the storage yards at W.M. Dewey, where the pipe can be stored or unbundled/sorted for later delivery.

Yard and Rig Pick Up
W.M. Dewey’s trained drivers will pick up pipe and transport it to one of our storage facilities, where it will be prepared for export.

Pipe Bundling and Bolstering
W.M. Dewey’s experienced staff will provide finishing services designed to prep your material for export, including the bundling or bolstering of pipe.

Pipe Loading to Containers
Once properly secured, our staff can load your pipe onto a flatbed trailer, railcar, or container, where it will be secured for export.

Haul to Dock
W.M. Dewey’s two pipe storage yards are conveniently located less than 15 miles from the Port of Houston, making the location ideal for both sea freight and truck export.


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