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Company Information

W.M. Dewey & Son, Inc.  
Family owned and operated financially sound and has continuously served the oilfield industry since 1895

Has scope of operations that consist of:

  • Houston local trucking specialists
  • Custom bonded carrier for transport to/from Houston area docks
  • Intra-state Texas and Louisiana,
  • Inter-state Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico
  • Inter-state authority for all 48 states

W.M. Dewey has a fleet of 96 trucks and 157 flatbed trailers, 1 single drop trailer, and 18 pickups.


Also, W.M. Dewey has the highest U.S. DOT safety rating and percent of "out of service" ratio consistently below the national average of 22.27% for vehicles and 6.60% for drivers.



Our Big Bend Storage Facility located at 18606 Van Road, Houston, Texas

  • Has 100 acres of fenced pipe storage with covered warehouse and covered inspection building
  • Has a private 16 railcar railspur
  • Provides pipe bundling and bolstering services 
  • Provides forklift, operator and crew available for hire to work outside facilities
  • Has a pipe saw that can square cut up to 16" OD and beveling equipment for up to 24" OD


Our Pecos storage facility located at 15830 Beaumont Hwy, Houston, Texas
  • Has 35 acres of fenced pipe storage

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Bob, Austin, and Christi McDowell receiving the Grand Trophy.

Bob, Austin, and Christi McDowell receiving the TMTA Grand Trophy - 2012


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Value Added Services

  • Truck supervisor accompanies truck orders of 5 or more trucks to oilfield locations and 8 or more trucks to shore bases
  • Trucks are equipped with 2 way radios for constant communication
  • Dispatch continuously staffed from 6 a.m. Monday - 9 p.m. Friday;  Saturday & Sunday 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Extra trailers can be spotted for "convenience" loading /unloading to reduce driver waiting times
  • Computerized preventative maintenance program prevents service failures due to breakdowns
  • Computer capability for paperless invoicing


  • Great West Casualty Company
    2011 Gold Fleet Safety Award
    2010 Gold Fleet Safety Award
    2009 Silver Fleet Safety Award
    2008 National Safety Award
    2006 Gold Fleet Safety Award
    2005 Gold Fleet Safety Award
    Silver Fleet Safety Award
    2003 Platinum Fleet Safety Award
  • ATA National Truck Safety Contest
    Flatbed/Local Division
    Unlimited Miles Category
    1st Place - 2012
    1st Place - 2010
    2nd Place -2009
    4th Place - 2008
    3rd Place - 2005
    3rd Place - 2004
    1st Place - 2003
    4th Place - 2002
    3rd Place - 2000
    1st place - 1999
  • ATA National Truck Safety Contest
    Flatbed/Line Haul
    Between 0 - 10 Million Miles

    3rd Place - 2012
    3rd Place - 2011
    6th Place - 2008
    2nd Place- 2006
    3rd Place - 2005
    4th Place - 2004
    1st Place - 2003
    3rd Place - 2002
    1st place - 1999
  • ATA Industrial  Safety Contest
    Fleet Safety Award
    Unlimited Employees

    3rd  Place - 2012
    1st  Place - 2011
    2nd Place - 2010
    3rd  Place - 2009
    1st  Place - 2006
    3rd  Place - 2005
    3rd  Place - 2004
    3rd Place  - 2003
  • ATATruck Safety Contest  Intercity - Under 2.5 Million Miles
    1st Place -  2003
  • ATA National Truck Safety Improvement Award 2005 Division Winner
  • ATA National Truck Safety Improvement Award 2001
  • ATA National Truck Safety Improvement Award 2000
  • ATA National Division Improvement Award 2000
  • ATA National Division Improvement Award 2009
  • TMTA Truck Safety Contest Intercity
    2.5-5 Million Mile Division

    1st Place 2002
  • TMTA Safety Award 2000 (Local)
  • TMTA Safety Award 2000 (Intercity)



TMTA  Grand Trophy - 2012

The Grand Trophy selection process is based on a low accident frequency ratio, company's over-all safety program including safety program organization and driver selection procedures. Training, supervision, inspection and maintenance of equipment, accident investigation and outside activities promoting safety on Texas' highways are also considered.