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At W.M. Dewey, we are committed to providing comprehensive, integrated oilfield pipe transportation services, whether by truck or rail.

For the convenience of our rail clients, our Big Bend storage yard features a private railcar spur, which is outfitted to hold up to 16 railcars and is served by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNSF) and Union Pacific (UP) railroad companies. Our railcar spur provides convenient rail access for pipe loading and unloading, eliminating costly fees and wait times associated with using public tracks. Eight forklifts and two pettibones for pipe moving and railcar loading and unloading are available on-site.

Total Project Control

W.M. Dewey provides comprehensive oilfield pipe solutions, and is committed to ensuring total project control throughout the entire transportation process. Unlike transportation companies which rely on public team tracks, our spur is located on-site and used exclusively by our clients. Our on-site spur means that W.M. Dewey is part of the total project execution, from transportation to unloading, racking and keeping inventory.

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